Agent management


Pressing sales goals, sophisticated incentive mechanisms and systems, complex regulations: managing a network of agents is a tough job.

GESTIONE AGENTI is the web application for the administrative management of sales agents. It ensures the simple and user-friendly management of tax obligations and legal requirements, with a constant focus on legal updates. It also calculates commission correctly and simplifies relations between the company and agents.

TARGET Gestione Agenti was designed for companies that manage sales agents. The companies may be large scale, in which case a PGD (Progetto Grandi Ditte - Large Company Project) is compulsory, or small
businesses that need support.

The Gestione Agenti application is mainly used by:
Administration Departments, Human Resources Departments and Payroll Departments. 

With Gestione Agenti, agents can access their own data, their list of customers and invoices. And they can check welfare contributions (already paid or to be paid).
The Gestione Agenti application is also used by professional practices that provide administration services for the management of sales agents.

The benefits

  • semplifica e riduce i tempi della gestione amministrativa
  • permette un monitoraggio costante della situazione complessiva e del singolo agente
  • recepisce tempestivamente tutte le disposizioni e i cambiamenti normativi, rendendolo utilizzabile anche da chi non li conosce dettagliatamente
  • ottimizza i tempi di gestione: stampa ed invio automaticamente tramite email
  • è facile da utilizzare: nell’arco di 3 giorni di formazione, l’azienda può già lavorare autonomamente.

how it works

DATA MANAGEMENT: master records of agents, data can be integrated with the most common accounting systems (Sap, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics etc.) and data can be organised on an analysis and statistical basis - Web Pivoting
CALCULATION FUNCTIONS: commissioning system, contributions and termination benefits, merit-based bonuses, payment for failure to give notice and additional customer bonuses and any noncompete agreements 
REPORTING: reports of sales agent invoice analysis, automatic management of analysis and statistical analysis reports, year accounting reports and calculation rules control reports
FORMS AND OBLIGATIONS: cgent invoice by PEC (certified email), reports scheduled and sent by email, entry of data on the Enasarco site and management of agent invoice payments and the production of payment files in a standard SEPA format.


  • Three different service levels, tailored to customer needs

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