HE.Nota Spese mobile

App HE.Nota Spese mobile

HE.Nota Spese Mobile is the HE suite App, which fully manages the reporting process for the expenses of work transfers, national or foreign, of employees and collaborators, compliant to the corporate travel policy.

Keep notes of receipts and tickets: a boring task and often postponed by traveller, and something wrong happens when it’s time to present the expense statement to the company.

HE.Nota Spese Mobile solves this issue. The App make smart and easy the operational part of those traveling for work.

Uploading all the expenses is easy and can be done in real time: there are specific tag for everything related to food, accommodation, transport and cars (private, assigned or rented). A photo is enough to store receipts and coupons.

At a glance you can keep under control on what you are spending.

The App can also work offline: in this way the dead times without connection can be used to write down everything and when available transmits everything to the company automatically always through the App.

And when you come back to the headquarter, everything is ready: there are only a few simple steps to complete the process.

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