HE Analytics


Top management must monitor both business performance and costs. The Personnel Director must produce the strategic information needed to make decisions. The HR Manager needs quick and useful reports.

These needs can be satisfied easily and rapidly by working in a different way. Now there's HE Analytics.

HE Analytics delivers the business intelligence you need. Just the job for unshackling the energy of your business. The system is used with the greatest freedom of movement, since it works just like the human brain. Searches are performed like with Google, using key words and meaningful phrases. And the answers are as fast as the questions.


  • Employment, attendance, costs and budget: all the data that matters, always on view
  • Simultaneous and intuitive display, a great leap forward compared with traditional fixed reports
  • Information combined freely, so your data becomes a concrete support for making decisions
  • Easy readability, both tables and charts
  • Comparison between actual data and business objectives, thanks to the advanced KPI view
  • Simple consultation, quick and interactive
  • Data always exportable, to MS Excel
  • Maximum accessibility, from mobile and desktop devices, with platform adaptable to your business needs