Docsweb Inaz


Eliminating hard copies and switching to a digital system is beneficial, it guarantees complete and concurrent access to company information, and greater efficiency, as well as cost and time savings.
DOCSWEB INAZ* is the application to digitise files, manage personnel files and payroll registers.
It also allows for the electronic storage of documents, based on applicable regulations.
TARGET Docsweb Inaz has benefits for the entire company, because it improves cooperation among departments and in particular streamlines the work of Human Resources.

The benefits

  • Archives can be directly and immediately accessed to search for documents in Employee Files.
  • Document availability is definite, thanks to a central repository managed directly at a company level.
  • Information can be quickly obtained and consulted, using advanced tools and search filters.
  • Access to documents is regulated by company security policies: each user can operate based on privileges and competencies assigned according to their role.
  • Total management of privileges: profiling can be configured down to a single user or document level.
  • Archiving and classification costs are reduced, with no more duplication costs, to save time too.
  • Physical space and space on media for document storage is no longer needed.
  • Complete workflow management (for example for personnel documents: from recruitment to post-employment benefits).
  • Cooperative workflow, thanks to several users simultaneous displaying and sharing the same document.

*Docsweb Inaz powered by SBI

how it works

ARCHIVE: Replaces hard copy archives with digital archives.
DOSSIER MANAGEMENT: Personnel files and Payroll Registers.
ELECTRONIC STORAGE: Based on the latest applicable regulations (sick leave records, pay slips, CVs, qualifications, notices, certificates). From the Decree of the Ministry of Economics and Finance of 2004, up to circular no. 20 and the Salva Italia decree (Law Decree 201/2011).
EMPLOYEE FILES: The possibility to archive all documents, including destructured documents (such as CVs, scans of tax codes, IBAN).
IMPORT: The possibility to process INAIL (Italian Worker’s Compensation Authority) numbering.
COMPATIBILITY: Certification of compatibility with the most common browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, Safari etc.).
SIMPLE: The user-friendly interface guarantees a simple, quick use of the system.
SHARING: The application is ideal for an ad hoc management of workflows, for activities that require information to be shared among users

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