Fleet management

gestione parco auto

The company fleet is an important factor for competitiveness and efficiency. Only careful, long-term planning can ensure an excellent performance with immediate savings.

GESTIONE PARCO AUTO is the web application that monitors costs, consumption, contracts and expiries of each vehicle in your company fleet.
It guarantees the efficient management of vehicles on long-term hire, own vehicles, vehicles available or assigned to employees, for the entire life cycle.
The application simulates scenarios and helps make choices that cater for your company’s needs.


  • Simple and automated management processes for company car fleets.
  • Less time needed for recording data in accounts, with the automatic import of invoices.
  • Email alerts sent for expiry dates of insurance cover, contracts, etc
  • The application collects and analyses data on costs, consumption, contracts, expiry dates, estimates, claims and fines.
  • It generates reports and analysis tools to support operating functions (Vehicles Department) and administration (Accounting and Management Control Departments)).
  • Waste and inefficiencies are eliminated.
  • Negotiations with insurance companies and car manufacturers can be improved.
  • Maintenance requirements are notified.

how it works

VEHICLE INFORMATION MANAGEMENT: Master records: car data, car documents, fuel records, insurance, Telepass (electronic motorway toll collection system).
EXPIRY DATES AND ALERTS: Contracts and costs for hire, benefits, maintenance, fines and SMS or email alerts of expiry dates.
MANAGING BOOKINGS: Vehicle bookings and availability table 
ACTIVE MONITORING: Contracts, mileage, tyre consumption, expected mileage and report for contract updates.
CALCULATION FUNCTIONS: Analysis of costs (per cost centre, branch and service), TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) analysis, calculation of penalties for hire contracts, fringe benefits automatic calculation based on ACI (Italian AutomobileAssociation) rates and optionals and processing of costs charged to employees.
SCENARIO SIMULATION: Comparing costs with forecasts for future years.
IMPORTING - EXPORTING DATA: Importing data from external systems (for example Telepass files) and checking the consistency of imported data and exporting accounting records to accounting or other external platforms.
PROCESSING ACCOUNTING DATA: Registration of supplier invoices from external systems (for example Telepass, ENI, ALD files).
REPORTING: All information can be displayed using graphic analysis tools or can be exported as Excel or Word files.

FORMAT SOLUTION: Available with a user licence, ASP or
outsourcing format.

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