HR Management

HR management

Successful businesses and organizations depend on their people. Personnel Departments rely on HR Inaz for immediate and reliable information about company employees, the quality and internal consistency of the organisational structure and remuneration policies.
HR Inaz is a package that manages and optimises company employees activities and the development of the organization. It is created for firms that seek to manage people while nurturing their talents.


  • Advanced and powerful: object-oriented architecture, dynamic and expandable, flexible and scalable, modular. Remote support available.
  • Complete: integrates all necessary functions, including the Employee Portal.
  • Flexible: HR Inaz is available via SaaS/Asp/Cloud or as a user licence.
  • Accessible: fully web-based, access to all functions via a simple web browser.
  • Developed with html5: using a combination of technologies and tools to obtain advanced functionality and user-friendly interfaces. Works on all fixed and mobile devices (pc, smartphone, tablet) using any browser
  • Multi-lingual, multi-business: supports multiple languages, businesses and locations, for HR managers who respond to local and global needs.
  • Full integration: interfaces with the most common databases, minimising the impact on ICT infrastructure.

what offers

  • All necessary functions, data always available together with comparatives. Organisational structure and chart, selection and management of candidates, training (inc. ECM), employee appraisals, safety, business assets, employee portal.
  • Performance appraisals. Advanced job design for the management of profiles and appraisal forms, skills, performance, knowledge and objectives.
  • Support for the organisation. Training processes and security procedures addressed using specific workflows; organisation and function charts created with historical references.
  • Information, reports, charts. Istant access to meaningful business data (summarized and in detail) via queries, reports and charts.

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