Many companies have discovered that outsourcing their personnel management processes allows them to save money, reduce fixed costs and dedicate more energy to their core business. If you too are interested in outsourcing, Inaz is ready with experts, advanced technologies and a spirit of service.

Inaz services cover the administrative functions: payroll processing, attendance recording. You can also delegate the management of human resources to Inaz, in order to rationalise and monitor the processes concerned.
No further need to look after all those repetitive tasks.


We are specialists, from the start, in the administration and management of human resources: the business processes in which people are important.

  • Service orientation. We understand what service means. Planning and meeting deadlines, control of processes, accurate reports, timeliness, responding with skill and professionalism, measurement of satisfaction, flexibility and ability to improve, care of and proximity to customers.
  • Organisation. Many process payrolls, few guarantee this service. The quality of service depends, greatly, on the internal organisation of the supplier. We have allocated expertise to strategic areas within our organisation, and we monitor all administrative processes using appropriate tools.
  • Method. We have perfected exclusive methodology for activating, managing and supervising our services, as well as for measuring and improving them, constantly.
  • Cost effectiveness. Our methods and organisation enable us to offer high quality services at competitive prices.

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