Personnel budget

A personnel budget is a decision-support and control tool that focuses on employment costs. Forecasts and decisions can be made with reference to all the business data available.

  • Checks employment costs by reference to the contractual and payroll information held on various databases and to cumulative actual data (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly etc.)
  • Simulates employment costs, preparing long-term budgets without time constraints, via what-if analyses
  • Forecasts recruitment scenarios based on the skill profiles already employed (part time, full time, fixed term or permanent, etc.)
  • Calculates overtime costs in various ways (statistical, specific, with percentage uplifts etc.)
  • Processes budget revisions during the year
  • Compares alternative budget scenarios.

Inaz Personnel Budget is essentially for businesses, professional firms, public entities that want to monitor, forecast and simulate the cost of their human resources. Personnel budgeting is a cross-functional process in every organisation, the results of which are used by key functions:

  • the HR Manager prepares the personnel budget
  • Management Control includes the budgeted employment costs in the forecast income statement
  • Administration analyses actual costs with respect to budget.

Inaz Personnel Budget quickly provides each of these functions with information that is certain and precise.

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