Solution and services to manage and administer people

All you need for your strategic management of human resources, Our offer is available in License, SaaS or outsourcing. You always find the optimal option for your specific management needs, a solution really technological advanced and competitive .

Payroll software The ultimate solution to manage human resources  Area Payroll
Inaz Analytics All personnel data at a glance-business intelligence, analytics reports Area Business Intelligence
Docsweb Inaz The solution for managing personnel file documents Area Payroll
Personnel Budget Predict and simulate the costs of personnel  Area Payroll
HR Management Created for firms that seek to manage people while nurturing their talents HR management
Attendance and Shift The simplest way to manage the attendance and absences of employees Time & Attendance
iTerm The mobile solution for moving people Time & Attendance
Shift Planning The solution that generates and manages shift timetables and work schedules Time & Attendance
Access & Security Complete solution for the control and authorization access, data acquisition Time & Attendance
Employee portal The Inaz Portal enhances horizontal and vertical communications within the business. HR management
Agent management The web application for the administrative management of Commercial Agents  Area Payroll
Fleet management The web application to plan and rationalize the costs of corporate fleet  HR management
Travel & expences
The solution dedicated to travel and expenses management and missions reimbursement   HR management