Attendance & Shifts

Attendance & Shifts

The simplest way to manage the attendance and absences of employees, covering all variables, using innovative tools: record attendance, manage transfers, contracts and vouchers, shift plans and work schedules, web portal, remote time clocking. Hardware components that interface perfectly with the business information system.

Software and web solutions, terminals and accessories interact with in a balanced and secure system, for businesses that are already ahead. The ease of use needed by SMEs and the power required by multi-business, multilocation, complex organisations.


  • Modular. The system is expandable. Depending on your needs, you decide which elements are necessary for your business. In future, you can always add new functions to the systems, if and when they can help you.
  • Simple. All configurations, even those with multi-contractual and multilocation parameters, are easy to use. 
  • Flexible. is available under licence, via SaaS or on an outsourcing basis. In the same way, you can obtain all the customisations needed in your case in order to work well. 
  • Tailored support. Our Software Support Centres (PAS) guarantee timely assistance, training, updates and technical advice. You can also contact Inaz experts via the Internet for immediate support, with remote system diagnostics.

It includes:

Meal voucher management

Complete management of meals, from booking to their on- or off-site consumption

Contract management

Detailed management of the various cost centres.

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