Mobile solution, iTerm


the mobile solution for companies that are changing

Organization and movement are important factors for competitiveness and development. To keep communication channels between a company and off-site employees open, iTerm is now available - the app that lets employees directly clock in from their smartphone or tablet and send the company all information about their place of work and assigned activities.

iTerm is integrated with ATTENDANCE AND SHIFTS, the Inaz solution that streamlines work organisation and manages personnel movements: from attendance at work, absences, shifts and work schedules to access control. Delivering the simplicity needed by SMEs and the power that multi-company, multi-branch and complex organisations are looking for.

iTerm: the process

  • EMPLOYEES record the starting and ending time of work directly from their mobile, sending the GPS position, indicating the activity they are carrying out, like a log book, keeping a record of when they clock in and out.
  • THE WORKSITE OR SHOP MANAGER records team attendance and sends data to headquarters: with NFC tags or QR codes, iTerm works like any clocking in/out system.
  • THE PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT immediately receives data, checks duties, times and places assigned using the innovative Inaz software application Gestione Presenze (Attendance Management) which keeps channels between the company and off-site personnel always open.

iTerm is available for free on IOS App Store and Android Google Play.

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